Acidity -regulators ()

E170 - Calcium carbonates

E262 - Sodium acetate

E325 - Sodium lactate

E326 - Potassium lactate

E327 - Calcium lactate

E330 Citric acid anhydrous

E330 Citric acid monohydrate

E334 - Tartaric acid

E335 - Sodium tartrates

E336 - Potassium tartrates

E337 - Sodium potassium tartrates

E338 phosphoric acid

E339 Sodium orthophosphate / sodium dihydrogen phopsphate

E340 Potassium phosphate / Monopotassium phosphate MKP / MK01

E341 - Calcium phosphate / calcium orthophosphate/ calcium dihydrogen phosphate

E343 - Magnesium phosphate

E354 - Calcium tartrate

E380 - Triammonium citrate/ Ammonium citrate

E500 - Sodium carbonate

E501 Potassium carbonate

E503 - Ammonium carbonate/Ammonium bicarbonate/Hartshorn

E504 - Magnesium carbonates

E507 - Hydrochloric acid

E513 - sulphuric acid

E514 - Sodium sulphate

E515 - Potassium sulphate

E516 - Calcium sulphate

E520 - Aluminium sulphate / Alum

E521 - Aluminium sodium sulphate / Alum

E522 - Aluminum potassium sulphate Dodecahydrate / Potassium alum

E523 - Aluminium ammonium sulphate Dodecahydrate / Ammonium alum

E524 - Sodium hydroxide/ caustic soda/lye

E525 - Potassium hydroxide/ caustic potash

E526 - Calcium hydroxide/ caustic potash/ slaked lime

E527 - Ammonium hydroxide/ ammonia solution/ ammonia water

E528 - Magnesium hydroxide

E529 - Calcium oxide / quicklime

E530 - Magnesium oxide

E541 - Sodium aluminium phosphate, acidic

E574 - Gluconic acid

E575 - Glucono-delta-lactone

E576 - Sodium gluconate

E927b- Carbamide / diamide of carbonic acid / urea

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