Edible Oils ()

Acai oil

Algae oil

Allspice oil

Almond oil

Amaranth seed oil

Amla oil

Angelica oil

Apricot kernel oil

Argan oil

Asafoetida oil

Avocado oil

Babassu/ babacu oil

Basil oil

Ben oil

Bergamot mint oil

Bergamot oil

Black cumin oil / Nigellaƶl

Black mustard oil

Black truffle oil

Bog-myrtle oil

Borage oil

Borage seed oil

Brazil nut oil

Brown boronia oil

Burdock root oil

Calamus oil

Camelina oil

Camellia oil (Tea seed oil)

Cananga oil

Cashew nut shell oil

Castor oil

Cedar Nut Oil

Chamomile oil / Camomile oil

Cherry kernel oil

Chia oil

Cinnamon oil

Citronella oil

Clove oil

Coconut oil

Coffee beans oil

Corn oil

Cottonseed oil

Crude coconut oil

Curry plant oil / Italian strawflower oil / Immortelle oil

Dill oil

Dittany oil

Dripping oil (olive)

E441 Superglycerinated Hydrogenated Rapeseed Oil

Elderberry seed oil

Eucalyptus oil

Evening primrose oil

Galangal oil

Grapefruit oil

Grapeseed oil

Hardened peanut oil

Hazelnut oil

Hemp oil

Herbes de Provence oil

Indian melissa oil

Iris oil

Jasmine oil

Jatropha oil

Jojoba oil

Juniper berry oil

Kaffir lime oil

Kiwi oil

Laurel oil

Lavender oil

Lemon balm oil

Lemon myrtle oil 

Lemon oil

Lemon oil

Lemongrass oil

Lime oil

Linseed oil

Love-in-a-mist/ devil in the bush oil

Lupine oil

Macadamia oil

Malabar lemongrass oil

Mandarin oil

Marjoram oil

Mastic thyme oil

Melissa oil

Moringa oil

Mustard oil from nasturtium

Myrrhis odorata oil / Sweet cicely oil

Myrtle oil

Neem fruit oil

Neem seeds oil

Nutmeg oil

Oiticica oil

Oleic sunflower oil

Olive oil

Orange oil

Oregano oil / Dost oil

Organic Avocado oil

Organic Macadamia oil

Palm kernel oil

Palm oil

Pandanus oil

Papaya seed oil

Paprika seed oil / Paprika oil

Peanut oil

Pecan oil

Peppermint oil

Perilla oil / Egoma oil / Shiso oil (green)

Perilla oil / Egoma oil / Shiso oil (red)

Pistachio oil

Plum kernel oil

Pomegranate seed / arils oil

Poppyseed oil

Prickly pear seed oil

Pumpkin seed oil

Rapeseed oil

Rapeseed oil skin

Rice oil

Rose oil

Rosehip seed oil

Rosemary oil

Sacha Inchi oil

Safflower oil

Sage oil

Sal oil

Sassafras oil

Sea buckthorn oil

Sesame oil

Soybean oil

Stinging nettles seed oil

Sunflower oil

Thyme oil

Tung oil

Walnut oil

Wasabi oil

Watermelon seed oil

Wheat germ oil

White mustard oil/ yellow mustard oil

Wild creeping thyme oil

Wild rose oil

Wintergreen oil

Yarrow oil

Ylang-ylang oil

Zedoary oil

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