Casein is the protein portion of milk that is processed into cheese. However, casein is not specific to cow's milk, but is also found in sheep's milk, goat's milk, buffalo milk and other varieties. The heat-resistant and low water-soluble milk protein is basically a mixture of different proteins: αS1-casein, αS2-casein, β-casein and κ-casein.

Casein is widely used for muscle building and as a binding agent, which offers many advantages to food technology and product development. Cheese and quark are also made up of a high proportion of casein, as this gives the food a firm consistency. Food manufacturers also use casein in yogurt, cream, butter, baked goods, meat and sausage products, chocolate and wine.

In addition to the food industry, companies from the construction sector, the cosmetics industry and the pharmaceutical industry are among the customers of B2B wholesalers, producers and suppliers. There, casein serves as a binder in paints and plasters, and it can be used to make glue, for example for labels. It is also suitable for the production of photoresist and is important for etching technology. In cosmetics, casein is used in hair treatments and face creams and is a component of pharmaceuticals.

Synonyms and similar search terms: CAS 9000-71-9, milk proteins, casein manufacturer, casein producer, casein supplier

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