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Your B2B marketplace for surpluses of food raw materials
1.6 billion tons of food are wasted worldwide every year!
That is around ⅓ of all food produced.
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The best use of your resources
With our Surplus Exchange, you can counteract food waste.
The Surplus Exchange acts at the beginning of the value chain, where 640,000,000 tonnes of primary products and raw materials are disposed of. Through efficient resource management, these valuable raw materials can be reused.
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Trade sustainably!
Buy and sell surplus raw materials, residual materials or remaining stock!
Benefit from the Surplus Exchange by making opportunity deals, saving production time and not having large minimum purchase quantities.
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Join us in our mission to reduce global food waste.
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Use the marketplace and give surplus raw materials a second chance.

What our users say about us


We have been using the Surplus Exchange for half a year now and the overall experience and impressions are outstanding. We have been able to save 35,000kg of surplus raw materials and keep them from going to waste. The contact with the Leroma team has always been close and straightforward.


As a company who trades in science-based ingredients, it is painful to understand that some of the products could be discarded because of some miscommunications or changes from the customer's side. Discovering LEROMA and the Surplus Exchange, allowed us to mitigate a valuable product to a buyer outside of the EU with no need for disposal concerns. Recommended.


Our experience with LEROMA and the Surplus Exchange was very pleasant and fruitful. We saved around 100 tons of surpluses or residual materials with the Surplus Exchange. Hard to imagine that this amount initially should have been sent for recycling. With Leroma, we were always up to date and in a fast and reliable communication.Leroma is sharing the same values as the DVA, thus that you look for ways to contribute sustainability and efficiency.

LEROMA enables companies to increase their liquidity by selling its shopkeepers and avoiding additional disposal or storage costs. This reduces monthly costs by 12% on average.
LEROMA gives food raw materials a second chance and places monthly 200 tons of different raw materials on the marketplace as remnants.
We work with selected partners and link buyers and sellers to use a reliable marketplace.
Annual food losses in the value chain and how LEROMA can help
Food waste affects all of us!
1.6 billion tons of food are being wasted globally every year! In total, this amounts to one third of all food produced being lost. High financial losses go alongside the waste of food across industries.
This occurs at different stages of the whole supply chain. LEROMA wants to tackle the severe problem and offer a solution which addresses the beginning of the value chain.
annual food
LEROMA fights food waste
at the beginning of the value chain

Harvesting & production

500 million tons worth € 230 billion


Handling & pre-processing

350 million tons worth € 120 billion

Processing & packaging

160 million tons worth € 120 billion


Retail & distribution

200 million tons worth € 210 billion


340 million tons worth € 500 billion

Buy surplus raw materials, residual materials or remnants and save money!



Noun, commercial

Secondary material created during production. Waste products are also included. Often produced regularly and in large quantities.

Re•main•ing stock

[/rɪˈmeɪnɪŋ/ /stɒk/ ]

Noun, commercial

Residual stocks of raw materials and semi-finished products that are no longer used in production or are no longer sold, for example raw materials shortly before or after expiration.



Noun, commercial

Inventory of raw materials exceeding the required quantity. Arises due to large minimum purchase quantities, decline in demand, or incorrect purchases.

LEROMA connects food processors with qualified buyers
Our expertise helps you reduce losses and turn your surpluses into valuable resources!
To increase the value and demand for surpluses, LEROMA is constantly researching applications in alternative industries. This means that a food producer cannot just pass on its surpluses to food processing companies. Rather, LEROMA's expertise enables a new understanding of who might need and use your surplus, even if it no longer meets food standards.
For example, surpluses can be passed on to the cosmetics industry, chemical processors or even the pharmaceutical industry.
Reducing food waste
Вuilding business relationships
food waste
How sustainability can be profitable for you
Raw Material Buyer
  • High quality raw materials at low prices
  • Shorter purchasing processes
  • No large minimum order quantities
  • Immediate availability
  • Reduce food waste
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Raw Material Supplier
  • Sell leftover raw materials
  • Win niche customers
  • Avoid disposal costs
  • Release tied-up capital
  • Reduce food waste
  • More space in your warehouses
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From waste to value
Together, we can create circular economies in which surpluses, residues and waste products are passed on. Alternative industries can process both residues and surpluses. That is why LEROMA, with your help, wants to create an interdisciplinary network that passes on surpluses.
waste to value
waste to value
waste to value
waste to value
waste to value
waste to value
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