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Create your account now and automatically upload your product portfolio with unlimited number of products. Use our simple Excel template for an automatic upload. Publish your product portfolio, certificates and specifications to increase your attractiveness and gain your customers' trust. With our user-friendly platform, you can present professionally and manage your product portfolio effortlessly.

Visibility through public company profile

Increase your visibility and reach new customers and markets worldwide by using the company profile. With your profile you can increase your presence and attract potential customers. The global reach of our platform gives you the opportunity to expand your customer base and reach new markets. Take advantage of a company profile to raise awareness of your brand and build long-term business relationships.

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Take advantage of digitization to handle the sales process in your company efficiently and quickly. Whether you're just getting started or already on the road to digitization, automation and digitization can save you time and resources while better serving your customers. We understand that manual processes still have a role to play. That's why the LEROMA team is at your side as a reliable partner.

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Food manufacturers are looking for food ingredients on a daily basis. What if you could approach the buyers who are specifically looking for your raw material?

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Simply register at LEROMA by filling in access, personal and company data. And you are ready to go!

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Regular offers

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After selecting the "Permanently available raw materials" category and your food raw material, specify the subject criteria and upload photos and documents such as specifications or lab values.

Receive queries

Your products are now listed as regular commodities on our platform and can be found via the Search Commodity. Through LEROMA as a new marketing and sales channel, interested buyers can contact you directly.

Get in contact

The transaction takes place outside the platform. The contracts and logistics are negotiated only between you and your customer. There is no commission on the sale of regular commodities.

Remaining stock

Upload remaining stock

In the category "Surpluses, remaining stock, residues" you can select your food raw material, specify the subject criteria and upload photos as well as documents such as specifications or laboratory values.

Receive queries

Your residual stock is now listed and can be found via the Surplus Exchange as well as via the Search Commodity. They are marked as raw materials of the Surplus Exchange, so that interested buyers can contact you directly.

Process sale

For sales via the Surplus Exchange, contracts and logistics are negotiated only between you and your customer. Only in case of a successful deal you pay 10% commission to LEROMA.

Reuse residuals instead of disposing of them

Make occasional deals with your remaining stock via the Surplus Exchange

Free registration

Free advertising of remaining stocks

Pay 10% commission upon sale

you want to stay anonymous?

No problem! We offer you a Concierge Service. Just send us your specifications by email and we will publish your raw materials for you. LEROMA handles the negotiation and takes care of the logistics and transportation of the goods. You pay only 15% commission for using our discreet service - and only if the deal is successful.

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Upload new products with just a few clicks and complete the listing with technical criteria and related documents.


Sell your surplus raw materials and reduce your storage and disposal costs.


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