Soya granules

Soy granules are produced by grinding and strongly squeezing soybeans. The resulting defatted soy flour is then shaped into the desired form. Compared to other soy products such as shreds or medallions, soy granules are fine and can be used as a vegetable alternative to ground meat or minced meat. With up to 50g protein per 100g, the protein content is almost twice as high as the animal variant and offers many advantages in food technology and product development.

Textured soy can be used as a meat substitute, in sauces, fillings or as an alternative for meat dishes such as ragout, goulash or chili.

In processed form, soy granules are used as animal feed for pets, poultry, cattle, pigs and in aquaculture due to their high protein content. Therefore, the customers of B2B wholesalers and producers include not only the food industry, but also companies in the animal feed industry.

Synonyms and similar search terms: Textured Vegetable Protein, TVP, textured soy, soy texturate, soy pulp, soy meat, soy granule supplier, soy granule manufacturer, soy granule producer

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