Cocoa beans / cacao beans

Cocoa beans / cacao beans are the end product of the cocoa tree. They are the seeds of the tree, have an ovoid shape with a flattened form and stand out with a reddish purple color. Twice a year, there is a harvest of the cocoa beans, this harvest time is at the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the following rainy season. B2B wholesalers, suppliers and producers can then offer the cocoa beans for sale.

In food technology and product development, cocoa beans are considered a superfood. For example, they can be eaten raw as a snack. Crushed cocoa beans (cacao nibs) are suitable as toppings for desserts and smoothie bowls. In addition, chocolate, cocoa powder or cocoa butter can be made from cocoa beans.

But the residual materials also offer a wide range of applications. The hard-to-digest cocoa fruit shell with its woody-fibrous consistency is subjected to fermentation with edible fungus. This fungus improves the nutritional properties by using the cocoa fruit shell as a nutrient substrate. The ingredients are transformed and degraded during the process. The finished product is a mixture of fungal gel fencing (mycelium) and digested cocoa pod. This mixture can be used as a food ingredient as it is high in protein and fiber. It is used as an addition to vegan meat substitutes, baked goods, and granola bars. The pulp of the cacao fruit is used as a sugar substitute in chocolate, but it can also be used as a jam, in fruit preparations and in beverages. The cocoa bean, through a careful pressing process, can be considered like a natural butter and may well replace palm fat or other hydrogenated fats.

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