Dextrose monohydrate

Dextrose monohydrate is a simple sugar used in food technology as a white, odorless powder. It improves both the aroma and taste of food and imparts a cooling sensation, which is why it has wide application in the food industry. In the meat industry, dextrose enables better diffusion of salt and nitrate in processed meat, while in fermentation products it is used as a carbon source and carrier. However, confectionery products represent the largest area of application. Food producers add the sweetener to jams, marmalades, ice cream, cookies, baked goods, beverages and puddings. It is also an important ingredient in corn syrup. Manufacturers of sports nutrition products use dextrose monohydrate in shake powders and beverages to enable rapid weight and muscle gain.

Dextrose monohydrate is also used in other B2B sectors. For example, companies in the medical sector, such as pharmaceuticals, and in the chemical industry are among the customers of B2B suppliers, traders and wholesalers.

Synonyms and similar search terms: CAS 5996-10-1, Dextrose, D-glucose, D-glucose monohydrate, glucose monohydrate, D-(+)-glucose monohydrate, dextrose monohydrate supplier, dextrose monohydrate manufacturer, dextrose monohydrate trader

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