LEROMA is a B2B platform for the food industry that brings raw material suppliers and food manufacturers together. Food manufacturers can find the right raw material with the required technical criteria more efficiently and more quickly and contact the associated raw material supplier. The purchasing process is simplified and accelerated. LEROMA offers two business models to find the right raw material: the raw material search and the surplus exchange

Currently there is only our free basic package, which will continue to exist. The standard and premium packages will follow soon. The prices are still being developed.

We currently only accept Stripe.

In a few minutes you can create an account for free. With this, you can contact suppliers for raw materials or advertise your own raw materials. Registration and the basic account are free.

Registered users create an account and place their advertisements online. In addition, results from external sites will be shown to you by our in-house search engine, which will lead you to their websites.

If you have found a suitable raw material, you can only contact the seller with an account with us. Then you get in touch with the buyer and can negotiate with him and ask for a sample. The purchase transaction takes place outside the platform. LEROMA serves as an intermediary platform for the product portfolio and the supplier's contact details.

Log in to your account and go to the account area. Click the field listing area and select list your raw material. You can then decide whether the product should be displayed on the surplus exchange or whether it is a permanently available raw material. Then choose a raw material name and fill in the specific details.

Leroma focuses on raw materials, fresh goods and semi-finished products. All listed raw materials are stored in the database. If you are looking for a product that is not listed, please send us an email with the exact details and information to hanno@leroma.de.

Leroma is a fast growing start-up with daily registrations.

Global food manufacturers, wholesalers and raw material suppliers can register with LEROMA. Our network is international.

We check the authenticity of the registered companies as far as we can. We are currently working on an automatic verification system.

The platform is 100% product-related and the names of our partners are handled with great care. The company name only becomes visible when you contact us.

At the surplus exchange, companies and suppliers can advertise surpluses and residual items that are left over or that have been bought too much, but are of high quality.

Select the surplus exchange on LEROMA’s website. You can then use the search field to search for a specific raw material or take a look at the current advertisements. If you are interested in one of the surpluses, you can contact the supplier with an account. As a supplier of surpluses, you advertise your surpluses like a normal raw material, but first select surpluses, remaining stock and residues

LEROMA charges the seller 10% commission on a sale. The listing itself is free, the commission is only applicable in case of a sale.

LEROMA offers its customers several possibilities to get the latest news and to find out about new trends. You can read weekly in our magazine about the opportunities, prospects and achievements around the food industry. In addition, we will inform you about innovations in our newsletter and provide you with useful information.

Simply under this link: https://bit.ly/3lHctIP

Of course! Please send us your application to: jobs@leroma.de.