Cereals, cereal products ()

Amaranth flakes

Amaranth grain (Amaranthus caudatus) / Kiwicha

Amaranth popcorn

Barley (hordeum vulgare)

Barley bran

Barley flakes

Barley groats

Black long grain rice

Black medium grain rice

Black organic basmati rice

Black organic non basmati rice

Black organic rice

Black short grain rice

Broken rice

Brown long grain rice

Brown medium grain rice

Brown organic basmati rice

Brown organic non basmati rice

Brown organic rice

Brown rice / rice (oryza sativa)

Brown short grain rice

Buckwheat flakes

Buckwheat flour

Buckwheat grain (fagopyrum esculentum)

Buckwheat groats

Buckwheat semolina

Bulgur/ bulgur wheat

Carnaroli rice

Coarsely-ground rye flour

Common wheat / bread wheat grains (triticum aestivum)

Corn flakes

Corn semolina


Cracked wheat

Durum haze

Durum wheat grains (triticum durum)

Durum wheat semolina

Einkorn flakes 

Einkorn wheat (triticum monococcum)

Emmer flakes

Emmer wheat (triticum dicoccum)

Feed barley



Glutenfree oat flakes large leaved

Glutenfree oat flakes small leaved

Glutinous rice

Golden Sella Basmati rice

Golden Sella Non Basmati rice

Grain corn crushed (Zea mays)

Grain corn white

Grain corn yellow (Zea mays)

Green (unripe) spelt coarsely ground

Green spelt

Hom Mali rice

Hulled millet

Hulled spelt

Instant oatmeal

Japonica Sushi Rice round

Japonica Sushi Rice round

Jasmine rice

KDM rice

Kamut / Khorasan wheat

Kiwicha flakes

Kiwicha popcorn

Long grain Basmati rice


Malting barley

Medium grain basmati rice

Millet flakes

Millet grain/ proso millet with germ

Millet grain/ proso millet without germ

Millet semolina

Millets groats

Oat bran

Oat flakes large leaved

Oat flakes small leaved

Oat groats

Oat semolina


Oats (avena sativa)

Organic Wheat from old population

Organic golden millet

Organic sun flower seed mush

Organic wheatgrass powder

Parboiled rice

Pearl barley

Popcorn maize/ popcorn

Pusa basmati rice

Quick-cooking rice/ minute rice

Quinoa / Chenopodium quinoa

Quinoa flakes


Red basmati rice

Red long grain rice

Red medium grain rice

Red organic basmati rice

Red organic non basmati rice

Red organic rice

Red short grain rice

Red sorghum

Rice bran

Rye (secale cereale)

Rye groats

ST 24 rice


Sharbati white sella rice

Short grain basmati rice

Short grain rice/ rice pudding/ round-grain rice

Sona Masoori long grain rice

Sona Masoori medium grain rice

Sona Masoori non basmati rice

Sona Masoori short grain rice


Sorghum bicolor / great millet

Spelt flakes

Spelt semolina

Spelt/ dinkel wheat (triticum spelta)

Sugandha golden sella rice

Sugandha white sella rice



White basmati rice

White organic basmati rice

White paddy basmati rice

White rice

White sella basmati rice

Whole grains oat powder

Whole groats wheat

Whole hulled wheat

Whole wheat flakes

Whole wheat semolina

Yellow Maize grits

Find the right cereal supplier and contact manufacturers for cereals worldwide. If you have not found the right cereal wholesaler or raw material producer for cereals, please contact us! Write us your professional criteria like tannin content, protein content, water content/ moisture content, foreign matter content, broken, moisture content, milling degree, average lenght of kernel, CMS hybrid variety, contamination-free, hybrid variety, bruised, puffed, steam-treated, hulled, crushed cereal, grain, B group (bread wheat), A group (quality wheat), E group (elite wheat), cold milled/ground, gluten free, changing grains / changing cereals, summer form / summer cereals, winter form / winter cereals, C group (other wheat), mechanically pounded and we will find the perfect B2B producer for you who meets your professional criteria.