Salad vegetables, leaf vegetables ()

Amaranth leaves

Anise hyssop - leaves

Arugula leaves

Baby leaf salad 

Batavia lettuce

Bavarian endive

Black mustard - leaves

Bog myrtle - leaves

Borage - flowers

Borage - leaves

Broad-leafed cress- leaves

Broccoli Raab/Rapinii

Brown mustard fresh leaf

Catjang bean/ angola bean - leaves

Catjang bean/ angola bean - pods


Chicoree / Chicory

Chicory / common chicory

Claytonia perfoliata

Coltsfoot - leaves

Common daisy - flowers

Common daisy - leaves

Common sorrel - leaves

Cuban oregano - leaves

Culantro/ long coriander - leaves


Dill - leaves

Dill- herb

Dill- plants

Dropwort - leaves

Fenugreek leaves

Fresh common dandelion

Fresh green grape leaves

Frisée lettuce / endive

Garden cress

Garden nasturtium - flowers

Garden nasturtium - leaves

Garden orache/ orache/ French spinach

Garland chrysanthemum/ crown daisy

Garlic chives - leaves

Garlic chives - leaves

Good King Henry/ Lincolnshire Spinach

Great burdock - leaves

Green salad bowl

Ground elder - leaves

Hyssop herb

Ice plant

Iceberg lettuce (seeds / seedlings)


Jambu leaves

Japanese knotweed - leaves

Jute leaves

Kaffir limes - chopped leaves

Kaffir limes - whole leaves

Lavender - leaves

Lemon grass - leaves

Lemon thyme - leaves

Lemon wormwood - herb


Lollo Bionda (pale green lettuce)

Lollo Rosso / red coral lettuce

Malabar spinach

Meadowsweet - leaves

Mexican oregano - leaves

Mexican pepperleaf - leaves

Mitsuba - leaves

Moringa leaves

Mountain sorrel - leaves

Myrrhis odorata leaves/ Sweet cicely - leaves

New Zealand spinach

Oregano – leaves

Organic prickly pear leaves

Organic prickly pear leaves dried

Palm kale/ black cabbage - leaves

Parsnip - leaves

Perilla / egoma / shiso - green leaves

Perilla / egoma / shiso - red leaves

Pilewort - leaves

Plantain leaves

Prickly pear leaves

Purslane leaves


Red leaf chicory / red leaf chicoree

Red salad bowl

Rhubarb - leaf stalks

Rhubarb- leaves

Romaine lettuce/ Cos lettuce

Rosebay willowherb - flowers

Rosebay willowherb - leaves

Rosebay willowherb - shoots

Roselle - leaves


Saltbush/ orache

Scurvy grass, spoonwort - leaves

Siberian stinging nettle- leaves

Smooth orache - leaves

Spear orach/ saltbush leaves

Spear-leaved orache/ hastate-leaved orache - leaves

Stinging nettle

Stinging nettle - leaves

Stonecrops - leaves/ Goldmoss stonecrop - leaves

Szechuan peppercorn - leaves

Tatarian orache - leaves

Tulsi / holy (indian) basil

Tumbling saltbush - leaves

Valerianella locusta

Violet wood-sorrel flowers

Violet wood-sorrel leaves

Water pepper - leaves

Water spinach

Watercress - leaves

White goosefoot - leaves

White mustard - leaves / yellow mustard - leaves

White wormwood - herb

Wild garlic - leaves

Winter cress/ bittercress - leaves

Winter-lattughino lettuce

Wood violet - flowers

Wood-sorrel leaves

Yarrow - leaves

Yarrow - shoots

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