Seeds, germ buds and sprouts ()

Adzuki bean/ azuki bean- Germ buds

Adzuki bean/ azuki bean- Sprouts

Alfalfa/ lucerne sprouts dried

Alfalfa/ lucerne- germ buds

Alfalfa/ lucerne- sprouts

Amaranth red- germ buds

Amaranth red- sprouts

Arugula germ buds

Arugula sprouts

Asparagus germ buds

Asparagus sprouts

Bamboo germ buds

Bamboo sprouts

Barley germ buds

Barley sprouts

Basil - seeds

Bitter cress germ buds

Bitter cress sprouts

Black bean germ buds

Black bean sprouts

Black mustard germ buds

Black mustard sprouts

Black sesame -seeds

Broad leaved cress - germ buds

Broad leaved cress - sprouts

Broccoli germ buds

Broccoli sprouts

Brown linseed - seeds

Brown rice (whole grain rice) germ buds

Brown rice (whole grain rice) sprouts

Buckwheat germ buds

Buckwheat sprouts

Cabbage germ buds

Cabbage sprouts

Carrot germ buds

Carrot sprouts

Chia - seeds

Chickpea germ buds

Chickpea sprouts

Common flax seeds germ buds

Common flax seeds sprouts

Common flax/ Linseed - seeds

Cress germ buds

Cress sprouts

Dried chili seeds (Natural spices)

Fennel - seeds

Fenugreek germ buds

Fenugreek sprouts

Flaxseed crushed

Garden cress - germ buds

Garden cress - sprouts

Garden nasturtium germ buds

Garden nasturtium seeds

Garden nasturtium sprouts

Garden orache - seeds

Golden linseed - seeds

Ground elder / goutweed germ buds

Ground elder / goutweed sprouts

Guarana seeds

Hemp germ buds

Hemp seeds

Hemp sprouts

Hop germ buds

Hop sprouts

Japanese knotweed germ buds

Japanese knotweed sprouts

Kamut germ buds

Kamut sprouts

Lentils germ buds

Lentils sprouts

Mashua germ buds

Mashua sprouts

Millet germ buds

Millet sprouts

Moringa germ buds

Moringa seeds

Moringa sprouts

Mung beans germ buds

Mung beans sprouts

Myrrhis odorata leaves/ Sweet cicely - seeds/ cicely -seeds

Oats germ buds

Oats sprouts

Palm hearts sprouts

Pea germ buds

Pea sprouts

Perilla / egoma / shiso – seeds

Poppy germ buds

Poppy seed

Poppy sprouts


Psyllium husks

Psyllium husks ground / powder

Pumpkin germ buds

Pumpkin sprouts

Quinoa germ buds

Quinoa seeds

Quinoa sprouts

Radish germ buds

Radish germ buds

Radish sprouts

Radish sprouts

Red sesame -seeds

Rye germ buds

Rye sprouts

Safflower - seeds

Sesame germ buds

Sesame sprouts

Sichuan pepper seeds - dried (natural spice)

Smooth orache/ scotland orache - seeds

Spear orach/ spear saltbush - seeds

Spear-leaved/ hastate leaved orache - seeds

Spelt germ buds

Spelt sprouts

Sunflower germ buds

Sunflower sprouts

Tatarian orache - seeds

Vetch seeds

Wheat germ buds

Wheat sprouts

White goosefoot germ buds

White goosefoot seeds

White goosefoot sprouts

White sesame -seeds

Winter cress germ buds

Winter cress sprouts

Yellow mustard germ buds

Yellow mustard sprouts

Yellow sesame - seeds

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