Thickener / gelling agent ()

Bovine gelatin

E1204 - Pullulan

E1400 Dextrin

E1401 - Acid-treated modified starch

E1402 - Alkaline modified starch

E1403 - Bleached starch

E1404 - Oxidized starch

E1405 - Enzyme- treated modified starch

E1410 - Monostarch phosphate

E1413 - Phosphated distarch phosphate

E1414 - Acetylated distarch phosphate

E1420 – Acetylated starch / starch acetate

E1421 - Acetylated starch

E1422 - Acetylated distarch adipate

E1423 - Acetylated distarch glycerol

E1430 - Distarch glycerine

E1440 - Hydroxy propyl starch

E1441 - Hydroxy propyl distarch glycerin

E1442 - Hydroxy propyl distarch phosphate

E1450 - Starch sodium octenyl succinate

E1451 - Acetylated oxidized starch

E1452 - Starch aluminium octenyl succinate

E400 - Alginic acid

E401 - Sodium alginate

E402 - Potassium alginate

E403 - Ammonium alginate

E404 - Calcium alginate

E405 - Propylene glucol alginate

E406 Agar-agar

E407 Carrageenan / Carrageen

E407a PES semirefined Carrageenan

E410 – Locust bean gum/carobin/carubin

E412 - Guar gum

E413 Tragacanth

E414 - Gum arabic lumps

E414 Gum arabic kibbled

E414 Gum arabic powder

E415 - Xanthan gum

E416 Karaya gum / Indian Traganth

E417 - Tara gum / Peruvian locust bean gum

E418 – Gellan Gum

E425 - Konjak

E426 - Soyabean hemicellulose

E427 Cassia flour / gum

E440 - Pectin

E440a - Pectin

E440ii - amidated pectin

E460 - Cellulose

E461 - Methyl cellulose

E462 - Ethyl cellulose

E463 - Hydroxypropyl cellulose

E464 - Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose

E465 - Methyl ethyl cellulose

E466 - Carboxymethyl cellulose / Sodium carboxy methyl cellulose

E468 - Crosslinked sodium carboxymethyl cellulose

Fish gelatine


Kneaded butter/ Beurre manié

Porcine gelatin

Poultry gelatin


Sago starch

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